13 Dec

Watch American Chopper on Discovery Channel

templateBoth tempers and pucks are sure to fly when American Chopper takes to the ice with the 2010 Stanley Cup championship hockey team. Tune to watch Paul Teutul Sr. step up to the red line and pull off a thrilling slap shot of his own when he unveils the Chicago Blackhawk Chopper. Signed by the Blackhawks hockey team, this Orange County Chopper custom built bike will transform lives when it’s raffled off for charity. December 13th and 20th … only on Discovery.

Episode 10: Chicago Blackhawks Bike Part 1 and Bling Star Bike Part 2
Premiering Monday, December 13

OCC gets a bike build for the Chicago Blackhawks to celebrate winning the Stanley Cup. However, a miscommunication leads to the crew scrapping the build and starting over from scratch. At PJD, Odi continues to take the lead on the Bling Star quad build. But when a part goes missing, Odi is frustrated and has trouble dealing with the situation. Mikey meets with a therapist and decides to attempt to reconcile with his father, but only if Senior first meets with a therapist. Senior refuses, and finds his world comes crashing down when his dog Gus must be rushed to the emergency room.

Episode 11: Chicago Blackhawks Bike Part 2 and Carolina Carports Bike Part 1
Premiering Monday, December 20

The OCC crew continues building the Blackhawks bike while Junior meets with representatives from Carolina Carports who want PJD to build a bike for their company. Later, Senior makes an important decision agreeing to meet with a therapist for Mikey.

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